3 Reasons to Verify IDs
Improve Leasing Safety
Intercept Fraudulent Applicants
Improve Resident Safety
Staff & Resident Safety
Apartment communities have hundreds of residents and dozens of non-residents circulating in and around the leasing office. Verifying IDs is a quick and easy way for staff to 'check-in' all non-residents ranging from apartment shoppers to vendors. Your staff will feel better on tours and your residents will appreciate the precaution. 
Protect Owners from Loss
CheckpointID acts as a highly effective physical barrier against fraudulent renters. With a quick scan, you can avoid the hassle of dealing with high-risk fraudulent renters, cut ownerships loss, and cut down on collections. 

For owners looking to improve their asset's NOI, CheckpointID delivers major cost-saving ROI. 
Office Activity Data
CheckpointID acts as a turnstile for your company, providing managers with real-time activity at their communities. Whether you're a regional looking for daily tour traffic or a manager reviewing leasing performance, CheckpointID makes it easy to get a pulse of your portfolio activity. 
"We haven't had a single case of fraud in my portfolio since partnering with CheckpointID..."
Kelly Vickers, RVP, Sares-Regis
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