Delaware Converts to REAL ID

Dover– On June 4, 2018, The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will release a new, more secure, card design for driver license and identification cards (DL/ID). This new design release is a part of the DMV’s continuous effort to provide customers with the latest in available document security to combat fraudulent attempts to alter or replicate an authentic DL/ID. New features include Legislative Hall prominently displayed on the front of the license, a new look for the federally compliant gold star, and images including a blue hen on the back of the card. “Keeping Delawareans’ personal data and information secure is a top priority of ours,” said Governor John Carney. “The new features and updated design on the Delaware driver license and identification cards will ensure that our citizens are protected from fraud and replications of their identification cards in the future.” “This new card design contains state of Read More

27 Tips to Prevent Rental Application Fraud – How to Spot a Fake

Rental application forgery is an all-too-common -but often unpublicized—problem in the multifamily housing industry. At a recent Apartment Managers Crime Prevention workshop, property managers and members of the Atlanta Police Department Major Frauds department compiled a list of tips and techniques to detect and hopefully prevent rental application fraud.  Here are some ways to help you spot a fake. Photo ID 1. Make sure the person on the ID is the person seated in the leasing office and not simply someone who has similar physical characteristics, such as a sibling. 2. Does the address on their photo ID match the address they claim to be living at presently? If not, why? 3. Always look at their original photo ID. Never take a photocopy or a fax of their ID because it can be easily doctored and could be more difficult to detect a fake. It is easier to discover a Read More