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Reduce Rental Fraud in the United States

CheckpointID is the leading ID Verification and rental fraud prevention service in the United States. We work with multifamily property management companies and vacation rental agencies. Our #1 goal is to provide the multifamily & vacation rental industries with the tools to practice smart ID verification, which encourages a safer, more accurate, and more objective leasing process!


Below is the current list of states where our customers are verifying IDs & actively reducing rental fraud. If you do not see your state listed, please contact us today or schedule a demo to learn more about our ID verification services!

How It Works

CheckpointID scans domestic and foreign IDs such as passports, drivers’ licenses, state IDs, and more to verify your prospects’ identities in real-time. Our scans are based on a pass-fail system and results are available within seconds!

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We Work With

• Property Management Companies
• Multifamily Rental Units
• Apartment Rentals
• Vacation Home Rentals

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• Real-Time Marketing Data
• Improve Leasing Safety
• Reduce Rental Fraud
• User Friendly
• Instant Results!

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Questions? Contact us Today!

For questions or more information on our ID Verification services throughout the United States, please feel free to utilize a variety of our online resources or contact us directly using our contact information below!

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