Building Credit History While Stemming ID Theft

Student housing communities can help college students with the serious matters of building credit history and ID theft protection. In the popular imagination, college is a time of endless merriment. Four years of hanging out with new friends (perhaps more if you have too much of a good time), cheeri...
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Online Fraud Has Property Managers Worried

The increase in online rental applications has prompted more property managers to become concerned over identity theft and online fraud, according to the results of a new survey by TransUnion of 163 property managers who manage more than 500 rental units nationwide. Over 56 percent of property manag...
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How to Prevent Renter Fraud in your Vacation Home

When my uncle rented out a few units in Providence, RI, he did it the old fashioned way. He put an ad in the local newspaper, showed the units himself, and then picked up the phone to call references. In good Rhode Island tradition, most of the time it took just a few minutes on […]...
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