How Facial Recognition Supports Fair Housing

As property owners, managers and on-site teams work to keep their community safe and secure – facial recognition technology can be a powerful tool. With fair housing in mind, operators need to be selective in picking an ID verification software provider that is focused on providing a standard, uni...
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Ways to Reduce Rental Fraud

Rental fraud is a growing issue and has become a reason for concern among property owners and tenants alike. While many people are familiar with rental scams that target tenants, what is less talked about but equally as prevalent is renter’s fraud (fraud committed against property owners by tenant...
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rental fraud

How Prevalent is Rental Fraud for Property Owners

Many people are aware of rental fraud, in terms of scams against the renters. From foreclosure scams to fake listings, to foreign wire transfers, and beyond. However, what most people aren’t as familiar with, is rental fraud committed by renters against property owners. To distinguish between the ...
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