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Texas is one of the fasting growest states in the United States, with several large and highly populated cities, including Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. The economy of Texas is also the second-largest in the US, making it an ideal spot for many to live and find work. It is also a tourist destination with many attractions from the NASA Space Center, to National Parks, and beyond. As a property management company or vacation rental agency in Texas, it’s important to be proactive in preventing rental fraud, as it’s more common than many companies realize. At CheckpointID, we provide a smart ID verification software that scans IDs to verify prospects in real-time. Our software has proven to be beneficial in improving leasing safety and reducing rental fraud. Additionally, it’s user friendly and provides instant results! Learn more about how it works, and why property management companies in Texas should consider using CheckpointID. 

ID Verification for Property Management in Texas

As the leading ID Verification and fraud prevention service in the multifamily housing industry, CheckpointID works with many property managers in Texas to reduce rental fraud. Our goal is to provide this industry with software that encourages a safer, more accurate, and objective leasing process. Rental fraud can be quite costly for property owners and taking appropriate measures to prevent it is crucial. 

How it Works

Our high-tech ID verification system is effective and easy for anyone to use. CheckpointID utilizes the 2D or MRZ code on government-issues IDs to instantly verify the prospective tenants. It can scan Domestic & International IDs, including passports, driver’s licenses, and beyond. Within seconds, you’ll see if the ID is verified, or not. It’s that simple! 

The Benefits of ID Verification 

Using CheckpointID is highly beneficial for property management companies and vacation rental agencies for several reasons, including:

  • Reducing rental fraud
  • Avoiding the high costs of rental fraud
  • Improving leasing safety
  • Provides real-time marketing data
  • User friendly
  • Instant results- no wait time!

Request a Free Demo from CheckpointID 

Questions about how our ID verification software can benefit your property management company in Texas? Get in contact with us today, and request your free demo from CheckpointID. Our team will be glad to assist you.  We look forward to working with you, and together, reducing rental fraud in Texas.