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With a population of approximately 4.9 million people, Alabama is among the top half of the most populous states in the US. Birmingham is not only the most populous city in the state but also the most industrialized and the economic center of Alabama. Montgomery, Huntsville, and Mobile are also large cities, home to a large number of people. As a property management company or landlord in this area, it’s imperative to be proactive in understanding and preventing rental fraud. It’s much more common than many people realize and can have costly effects on property owners. The most imperative thing you can do is to scan IDs at the time of the apartment tour. At CheckpointID, we provide an ID verification software to scan IDs in real-time. Our system scans global databases to verify prospective tenants’ IDs within seconds. We’ve helped the multifamily housing industry to reduce rental fraud in Alabama and across the country. Learn more about the benefits of our online ID verification system and why it’s becoming a necessity for many property owners. 

How it Works 

CheckpointID differs from other ID scanning systems, as our software scans Domestic & International IDs, matching thousands of lines of code against our proprietary library of international databases, searching for inaccuracies. Other ID Softwares use “ID parsing” methods, meaning that as long as a field has an entry, it’ll pass. With our ID verification software, the information must be accurate in order for the ID to pass. Within seconds of scanning, our high-tech system will tell you if the ID passes or fails. 

The Benefits of our Online ID Verification Software

  • Preventing rental fraud in the multifamily housing industry
  • Avoiding the high costs of rental fraud
  • Improving leasing and tour safety for employees and residents 
  • Provides real-time marketing insights
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick results – Within seconds, you’ll know it the ID passes or fails. This is helpful, as you won’t waste the time with the touring and application process before finding out if the ID is fake.

Preventing Rental Fraud with ID Verification in Alabama 

Providing a safer and objective leasing experience helps to protect your business and employees. With CheckpointID, you can be proactive in preventing rental fraud, and avoiding the costs that are associated with it. Between damages, legal fees, losing out on good tenants, and beyond, the cost of rental fraud can be detrimental for businesses. Our ID verification software can help to reduce rental fraud in Alabama.

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