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With a population of over 21 million, Florida is the third most populous state in the US. The population has increased more than 14% over the last decade, and continues to be a fast-growing state. Approximately two-thirds of the population in Florida was born in another state. As Florida continues to grow and welcome residents from many different areas, it is crucial for property management companies to protect the safety and security of their properties. Rental fraud has become an increasingly prevalent issue, costing the multi-family housing industry a great amount of time and money. Finding a way to effectively and accurately identify potential prospects at the time of the tour has become a priority. CheckpointID provides an online ID  verification software that scans government issued IDs in real-time. Within seconds, it’ll tell you whether the ID passes or fails. Our goal is to help reduce rental fraud and protect your assets. Keep reading to learn more about how our ID verification software works and why it is beneficial for preventing rental fraud, providing accurate data, and beyond.  

Reducing & Preventing Rental Fraud with ID Scanning in Florida 

For property management companies, there are many costs associated with rental fraud, including the damage to your property, the cost of evicting bad tenants, court hearings, lawyer fees, and beyond. In addition to the monetary costs, it can also cost you the loss of good tenants, while also affecting the safety of your other tenants on the property. For many reasons, it is crucial to take a proactive approach in reducing rental fraud. By using CheckpointId’s verification software, you can scan ID’s instantly at the time of the apartment tour. Our Id verification system takes it a step further than ID parsing. Fake IDs can still pass through the system when using parsing, as this just detects if all fields have entries or not. As long as all fields have an entry, the ID will pass, even if it is false. This is why our ID verification takes it a step further, to match the information against global ID databases to ensure that the information provided is accurate. Therefore, fake IDs of any kind will not get through using our system. It can detect both front and back forgery on IDs, which is extremely difficult to do without sophisticated software. Using CheckpointID’s software helps to ensure a more accurate and safer leasing process for the multi-family housing industry in Florida and throughout the US.

The Benefits of ID Verification

Our ID verification system provides many benefits for the rental properties in Florida. 

  • Reducing rental fraud 
  • Improving leasing safety
  • Fair Housing Compliance
  • Avoiding the high costs associated with rental fraud
  • Easy, user-friendly interface
  • Instant results at the time of the tour, with no wait time!
  • Provides real-time marketing data

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We look forward to working with you and together providing a safer leasing process and reducing rental fraud in Florida.