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As the 8th most populous state in the US, Georgia continues to grow and attract new residents. With a thriving economy that relies heavily on agriculture, finance, insurance, technology, and manufacturing, it has been ranked the top state in the nation to do business as of 2017. Atlanta, Georgia also hosts the world’s busiest airport, both by passenger and aircraft traffic. As Georgia continues to be an ideal place to live, it’s important for property management companies to be proactive in preventing rental fraud. While many apartment complexes utilize ID parsing, this simply isn’t enough to detect all fake IDs. ID parsing means scanning the ID to ensure that all fields have an entry. If all fields are filled in, the ID will pass, even if the information is false. At CheckpointID, we take it a step further to provide a more accurate and safer leasing process. Our online ID verification software scans IDs against global databases to verify prospective tenants within seconds. Our goal is to help the multifamily housing industry to reduce rental fraud in Georgia and throughout the US. To learn more about how CheckpointID works and why many companies have chosen our ID scanning software, keep reading below!

The Benefits of our Online ID Verification Software

CheckpointID’s high-tech verification system has the capability to scan both domestic and international ID, including passports and drivers licenses. Utilizing the 2D or MRZ code on the ID, it scans the ID to instantly verify prospective tenants. As the only software that scans against global databases, there are many advantages to using our verification system, including:

  • Reducing rental fraud in the multifamily housing industry
  • Avoiding the high cost associated with rental fraud
  • Improving leasing and tour safety
  • Provides real-time marketing insights
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Instant results – Within seconds, you’ll know it the ID passes or fails

Preventing Rental Fraud With ID Scanning in Georgia

Rental fraud is an increasingly prevalent issue for the multifamily housing industry, as it can cost property management companies in both time and money. Between eviction fees, court dates, and missing out on good tenants, rental fraud comes with a lot of costly consequences. Using CheckpointID’s online ID verification software, you can provide a safer leasing experience and protect your properties from rental fraud. Additionally, our software integrates with your property management software to automatically create guest cards, and provide valuable marketing insights.

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