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CheckpointID provides a suite of multifamily solutions designed to help owner/operators make more informed decisions. Whether you oversee marketing, sales, operations, or asset management, CheckpointID will provide actionable real-time data through an easy to digest dashboard and reporting system. 
When management companies first started requiring customers to provide ID before touring, the world was a different place. Few leasing offices had computers, and the concept of big data was still far off. Like everything else in our leasing offices, it's time to modernize, and CheckpointID has an FHA compliant solution in place to make that happen! 
The Issues
  •  ID Verification: IDs are required as a safety measure, but leasing agents have little or no training on how to identify fraudulent IDs.
  •  Universality: As an industry we spend a tremendous amount of time training staff to adhere to FHA. Training is a resource drain.
  •  Manual Data Entry: Manual data entry introduces errors and inconsistencies. 
  • Sales Transparency: Without all of the data, it's difficult to make informed decisions about everything from performance to staffing. 
“Why should we simply roll the dice assuming we have done enough to just use a credit or criminal screening to qualify applicants? One fraudulent applicant can cost in upward of $7,500 or more in some cases. Since incorporating CheckpointID to every visit, we have already saved approximately $37,500 in potential lost rent and legal fees in less than 60 days.”  Melissa Meyer, AvalonBay
Application fraud is increasing in multifamily as more and more renters falsify their income and employment status to qualify for housing. These renters living beyond their means are higher risk renters that carry a higher default probability.

To date, management companies have largely attempted to tackle this part of screening in-house, which has led to some common issues: 
The Issues
  • Time-sink: Managers that are finding success screening in-house are spending on average 1-3 hours researching each application. This is an unsustainable use of a managers time.
  •  Bad Debt: Other managers are spending little or no time determining the validity of an applicant's income and employment claims, which increases the rate of bad debt due to eviction.
  • Inherent bias: Conscious and unconscious biases often opens the door to discrimination
  •  No standard: Decentralized screening leads to variations in methodology and record keeping, which are not good attributes for a screening protocol. 
Solution Overview
VeriStubs takes the onus of employment screening off the property manager with a complete done-for-you solution. During the screening process, managers will have access to detailed research notes to help them qualify their applicant.
Solution Details
  •  Gift of Time: 100% done-for-you screening, returns valuable time to managers. Spending 1-3 hours of detective work per application is an unsustainable use of a managers time. Outsource the research!
  • Standardization: 3rd-party screening is the only way to guarantee bias is removed.
  •  Low Cost!: As a passthrough cost already built into your application fee, VeriStubs is a highly effective solution.
"You need the kind of objectivity that makes you forget everything you've heard, clear the table, and do a factual study like a scientist would" Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple
We all know that social media is the new frontier of marketing, but what is the best way to market your communities? Is the approach the same or different than your ILS marketing? Should you broadly market or take a targeted approach? Do you rely on property managers or centrally run campaigns for tighter control? What data targets the best customers? 

These are just a few of the questions SocialFunnel help you solve.
The Issues
  •  Targeting: Broad social campaigns are great for selling soda, but apartments have very specific local buyers. Reaching those buyers is not as simple as turning on a switch. 
  •  Consistency: Social success is about being in the mix. Do you have the staff resources to effectively keep awareness up for each individual community?  
  •  Actionable Triggers: Unlike ILSs, social media sites give unprecedented passive access to your buyers eyes. If you're not using this access to trigger post-tour buying action, you're missing out. 
Solution Overview
Utilizing superior data fed through CheckpointID, your apartment communities will start generating powerful social media campaigns that hyper-target your specific communities buyer market. SocialFunnel comes down to two things - better data and better consistency. 

If you feel that your apartments are not getting the kind of ROI off social media that they should, SocialFunnel can help you reach your goals. Give us a call to learn how!
Solution Details
  •  Hypertargeted Leads: Utilizing real-time data sourced through CheckpointID, your communities will gain unparalleled exposure to high-quality buyers. Better buyer data, better results.
  •  Buying Triggers: By capturing precise demographic data, it's never been easier to trigger a buying action. We help get your guest off the fence and back into the leasing office with dynamic purchasing incentives. 
  •   Referral Generation: Most leads don't close, but why waste all the effort and money you spent getting them in the door? We help generate referrals from lost leads by tapping into your former prospect's close network of friends and family!
  •  No Days Off: SocialFunnel not only recalibrates nightly, it never misses a beat. You win by being in the game, so let us help your social strategy by keeping your communities in front of renters, day-in, day-out!
Global ID Capabilities
CheckpointID utilizes the 2D or MRZ code found on the back of government-issued IDs to provide real-time verification services for apartment managers. 

With a quick scan, a leasing agent can verify Domestic & International IDs including Passports, Driver's IDs, Military ID, and more. 
Non-Residents on Premise
A wide variety of people visit a leasing office throughout the day, ranging from apartment shoppers to various vendors. CheckpointID makes it easy to mark the entry of all non-residents on community grounds with a quick scan. This quick scan not only increases the safety of leasing agents on tour, it helps improve the safety of current residents.
Pass or Fail
In seconds, your staff member will see whether the ID could be verified or not. This agnostic practice removes all of the pressure from the staff member and allows a 3rd-party to handle the process. 
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