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Don’t Buy Rental Scam

Might be a doorbell, might be a knock. Someone is responding to the “for-rent” ad he or she saw online. Problem is, the place isn’t for rent. A Brockville resident shared a story like that with city police last week, which prompted the local constabulary to once again remind the pu...
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2 Charged in Rental Scam

Two suspects are in custody in connection with a scam where they pretended to own a house they rented to other people, according to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. Lisa Saucedo of Tallahassee and Michael Jacobs, listed as a transient, are in custody in Hernando County on fraud charges. The sherif...
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What Consumers Need to Know about Identity Theft

The threat from ransomware is so frightening and immediate, given the extensive coverage of last week’s attack, that it is easy to forget about another technological threat — identity theft. Identity theft occurs when a criminal hacks into your computer to steal personal data, or simply ...
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