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Different Types of Fake ID

We discussed how fraud cases often begin with fake IDs and the various methods you can use to spot a fake. In this post, we will go in-depth into the different types of fake IDs and what the best method is to identify each. Some methods are more effective at identifying certain types of fake [&helli...
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How to Spot a Fake ID

The rise of apartment fraud has incurred substantial costs on multifamily owners and operators. Most of these fraud cases are related to fake identities, and oftentimes begin with counterfeit IDs (to read more about how fake IDs are used to commit rental fraud, see our previous blog post here). Ther...
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Multiple Ways Rental Fraud is Committed

In the last post, we discussed how fraudulent applicants can use stolen identities to get approved for and live in apartments. There are multiple ways an individual can pull off a fraud scheme, which may or may not involve their presence at the apartment. The Sub-leasers The first way of pulling off...
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