CheckpointID Launches New Solutions to Solve Online Leasing Security Challenges in the Multifamily Industry

APRIL 8, 2019 CARROLLTON, TX – CheckpointID, the Multifamily ID verification expert, has announced new solutions to handle the growing issue of online leasing verification. The modern looking for a safer, more secured way to handle online accommodate out-of-state now benefit from a highly accurate online ID verification service. The modern leasing activities are moving online not only to accommodate out-of-state renters, but also to streamline the leasing process. However, ID verification is difficult to perform accurately without applicants being present on site. CheckpointID has added a mobile App as well as an online verification tool to allow customers to verify IDs accurately without the need for prospects to be present on site. The new solution incorporates advanced biometric facial recognition with CheckpointID’s leading ID-matching capability to confirm prospects’ identities and that the IDs provided are legitimate. “With more rental activities and processes being done online, it is a natural Read More