Monthly Archives: October 2018

Missouri Receives Extension to Rollout REAL ID

Missouri has an extension for REAL ID enforcement, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver’s licenses and identification cards from Missouri at Federal facilities, nuclear power plants, and federally regulated commercial aircraft until August 1, 2019. Secure driver licenses and identificati...
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Washington State Complies with REAL ID Act

The Department of Homeland Security has determined that Washington State is fully compliant with federal REAL ID requirements, which means standard driver licenses and ID cards will continue to be accepted for boarding a domestic flight through September of 2020. It’s important to know that beginn...
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New Hampshire Converts to REAL ID

Effective October 1, 2020, a REAL ID Driver License or Non-Driver Identification Card, or a Passport will be required to board an airplane for domestic flights or to enter a secure federal facility. Existing Driver Licenses or Non-Driver Identification Cards will be accepted until October 1, 2020. R...
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