2.0 Release of CheckpointID

PHOENIX, August 1, 2018 — CheckpointID today announced the completely redesigned 2.0 release of their multifamily ID verification software. Working with a select group of early adaptors, the redesign focused on improving the leasing consultants’ user experience. On-site staff using the ID verification software enjoy a streamline experience welcoming guests into their communities. Utilizing one of CheckpointIDs leasing pads, leasing agents now have the ability to instantly verify every guests ID prior to showing the property, providing a safe environment for both staff and residents. When asked about the latest improvements to CheckpointID, coFounder Steve Bonaventure said, “Our goal with this release was to make the app user friendly for leasing agents. The new simplified interface allows agents to pay less attention to their iPad and more on building rapport with their new customer. It’s using technology to get back to good fundamental sales.” Underneath the functional and aesthetic improvements, Read More