Apartment locator helping felons cover up criminal record

SAN ANTONIO — You may think your apartment complex is safe because many managers run background checks to screen out people with criminal records, but News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila made a startling discovery about those checks. With the apartment boom here in San Antonio many complexes are using apartment locator services to find new tenants. The locator can make hundreds of dollars if they get a tenant approved. That’s a big incentive for them to help cover up a renter’s criminal record or work history. Johnathan loves his new $1,525-a-month luxury apartment on San Antonio’s North side. He says he never would have qualified for it without the help of a local apartment locator service. “I am a nine time convicted felon, I’m not ashamed to say it. They knew that was my issue,” Johnathan said. On top of an extensive criminal record, Johnathan didn’t have a job. Those Read More