M, F, or X? DC announces major change to ID law

(CNN)Nic Sakurai was among the first people outside the Benning Road Department of Motor Vehicle office in Washington on Tuesday morning at 7:15. Sakurai had created a Facebook event and invited others to join the historic day: They would become the first people in the United States to choose X as their gender marker instead of male or female on driver’s licenses and identification cards. The X signifies gender neutral, the preferred designation for people like Sakurai who don’t identify as male or female. They may use different words to describe how they identify, such as gender nonconforming, gender fluid, gender nonbinary or agender, as Sakurai prefers. Whatever the case, “male” and “female” and “he” and “she” don’t fit how they see themselves. “I don’t feel that sense of gender as something that is part of my core innate experience,” said Sakurai, who uses the pronoun “they.” “I’m glad to Read More

Montana complies with federal REAL ID law

BILLINGS – Montanan’s are one step closer to applying for REAL ID’s. Last Thursday, Gov. Steve Bullock signed the bill into law to allow that process to move forward on May 25. Up until last week, Montana was one of several states that were not in compliance with the REAL ID Act. On January 22, 2018, federal law will require a REAL ID to board flights and enter federal facilities. But in 2007, the Montana Legislature unanimously voted to not comply. The concern was that all of that data would be stored in one location and could potentially be compromised. The new law gives Montana residents an opportunity to obtain a REAL ID driver’s license or identification, but it is not mandatory. Bill Mercer was the U.S. Attorney for the District of Montana when the federal law was passed in 2005 and said REAL ID came from the 9-11 Commission. “This was all designed to make sure that there were fewer risks in Read More

PA Governor Passes REAL ID Law

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed the Pennsylvania REAL ID Compliance Act on Friday. State lawmakers on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly for the bill, which is designed to comply with federal identification standards for people who want to fly or enter federal facilities. Pennsylvania was one of a few states to push back against REAL ID compliance, saying it was unnecessarily costly. However, without REAL IDs, Pennsylvanians would no be able to use their driver’s licenses to board airplanes starting in January. The measure gives residents the option to obtain a driver’s license or other ID that meets the rules of a 2005 federal law enacted in response to the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Residents would also be allowed to get a noncompliant, traditional driver’s license or ID. It will take more than a year to implement the IDs, and the governor’s office expects them to be available in 2019. In the Read More

Don’t buy rental scam

Might be a doorbell, might be a knock. Someone is responding to the for-rent ad he or she saw online. Problem is, the place isn’t for rent. A Brockville resident shared a story like that with city police last week, which prompted the local constabulary to once again remind the public about taking precautions in order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. The ad was to be taken down from Kijiji, but there have been others in the past that have led to respondents being duped and making some sort of payment on a property that is not available. One recent fraudulent online classified ad asked the potential renter to fill out an application that included personal details such as banking and contact information as well as occupation. The scammer also requested a security deposit to go with the application. The folks who went to that home last week Read More