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Protect Your Team, Your Business and Your Time

Between residents and legitimate prospects, you have enough demands on your attention without adding scammers to the mix. Be sure who you’re talking to before the tour, so fraudsters can’t get a foot in the door.

Protect Your Team

You would never knowingly put your leasing agents at risk, but technology is making fraudulent IDs more and more convincing. Make tours at your properties safer with the help of multipoint domestic and international ID verification.

Protect Your Business

There’s a ripple effect to fraudulent activity. Making the wrong decision can mean more bad debt from evictions down the line—and it often seems to attract even more fraudulent applicants. Save yourself headaches today and tomorrow.

Protect Your Time

You don’t just get your time back from dealing with fraudulent inquiries—you even gain efficiencies in your leasing process with real-time marketing data on your customer demographics and more. It all adds up to more time for you to recharge.

Why CheckpointID is the Multifamily Fraud Prevention Leader

Certainty Pays

Together, properties that have replaced manual visual scans by staff with our modern verification software have saved 41,000 staff hours and $600 million and counting.

Works For Anyone, Anywhere

As the only ID verification software for multifamily that scans against global identity databases, our advanced facial recognition capabilities can match your prospect’s face against their ID, no matter where they are from.
reduce rental fraud with the leading residential ID verification software.
reduce rental fraud with the leading residential ID verification software.

Stunningly Simple To Use

With “point-n’-click” ID scanning, real-time verification, and a user friendly interface, CheckpointID not only secures your personnel and assets—it also makes guest entry easier.

Integration Partners

Our software integrates effortlessly with leading Property Management Systems like Yardi, RealPage, Entrata, MRI Software, and more, giving you a quick, easy, and accurate way to create guest cards and track tour traffic.

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