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   Heather Wallace, SVP, Sares-Regis Group
Multifamily ID Verification
Modern fraud is digital and often shows little or no signs of alteration to the naked eye, making verification difficult even for the trained professional. 

With identification playing a central role in both safety and screening on-site, this challenge exposes management groups to financial damages, especially during the application process. 

CheckpointID provides a turn-key solution that has proven tremendously effective at protecting owners investments. 
Multipoint international  ID verification provides your leasing teams with a truly effective crime deterrent. 

Less in Collection
Improved screening technology helps managers make the right decisions to keep bad debt from evictions down. 

Plan Better
Acting like a turnstile, CheckpointID gives real-time reporting from the leasing office, helping property managers maximize their leasing success.
Modern ID Verification
Over the past few decades, most apartment communities have required non-residents to provide valid ID before touring or renting. A staff member looked for anything blatantly suspicious with a visual scan and made a judgement call. 

CheckpointID builds upon this practical policy by offering apartment communities an easy to use ID verification software that handles both domestic and international renter needs. 

With "point n' click' ID scanning, real-time verification, and a user friendly interface, CheckpointID not only secures your personnel and assets, it makes guest entry easier!
"On our 10 property beta test, CheckpointID saved our company over 250k over a six month window. This is an indispensable service that makes us look amazing to our clients". 
   Heather Wallace, SVP, Sares-Regis Group
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